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Million Dollar Recoveries for People and Workers Injured at Sea for More Than 50 Years

Merchant seamen, commercial fishermen and other maritime workers are the hardest-working people we know. Dedicated workers make great sacrifices to take long journeys away from their families. Our maritime law firm knows this as fact because we have been representing maritime workers for more than 50 years.

When a maritime worker is injured or dies at sea, the employer and its insurance carrier are going to be on the ship to investigate as soon as it returns or even when it is out at sea. While workers are entitled to maintenance and cure, the employer and insurance company are going to be working hard to minimize your claim and place the blame for the injury on you. Who will be on your side?

Maritime attorneys Carolyn Latti and David Anderson carry on their family’s legacy of helping those injured or killed at sea. Carolyn’s father, Michael Latti, started the firm in Boston more than 50 years ago. Thus, Carolyn grew up in the business similar to many of her clients and families who have a long history of working or being on the water. Because of this, Carolyn and her brother-in-law David Anderson now practice maritime law together. This ensures clients get the money they need and deserve after an offshore injury puts them out of work or a death devastates a family.

Our law firm offers confidential meetings and free legal advice to any maritime worker injured or family member whose loved one was killed at sea. Before you speak to any insurance company, before you fill out an accident report, before you agree to anything—call us first. We are on your side.

What Maritime Workers Need To Know

Injured as a Passenger?

Boston maritime attorneys handling nationwide offshore injury claimsPassenger ticket clauses have strict time limits for claims. Thus, you should speak to a maritime attorney immediately after an injury on a passenger vessel.

Our law firm represents clients seriously harmed on:

  • Ferry Rides
  • Whale Watching Tours
  • Cruise Ships
  • Recreational Boats

Many maritime workers, whether working onshore or off, are not aware of the full extent of their legal rights after a work injury. Consequently, vessel owners, employers and insurance agents will be very friendly, making promises to take care of them. Workers want to believe this and will then concentrate on their own health and medical treatment. This then blindsides them when they do not receive the money they need to live.

After an injury at sea, know this:

  • You do not have to speak to an insurance company to receive maintenance and cure.
  • You do not have to fill out an accident report to receive maintenance and cure.
  • The accident report more than likely will be used against you.
  • There are many expenses that your employer must pay for. However, no one will tell you what those expenses are in the hope that you fail to enforce your rights.
  • You have the right to seek treatment from any doctor of your choice.
  • You do not need any money to have a qualified attorney represent you.

Multimillion Dollar Recoveries for Clients Across the United States

Representing Clients Nationwide:

Maritime attorneys in Boston for USA and international fishermen injury cases

  • New England and the East Coast
  • The Gulf Coast from Florida through Texas
  • West Coast from California through Alaska

Our maritime lawyers are trial attorneys. This means if the other side is not giving you what you need and deserve, we will then take them to court. We have received numerous multimillion dollar recoveries for our clients over the years. We have successfully gone to trial against some of the some of the largest shipping companies, maritime employers and maritime transportation companies in the world.

We fight for clients injured at all the major ports of the United States and overseas. We guide them through the necessary next steps after an accident. We have an interpreter on call for any client who does not speak English. Call us now or fill out the form on this website to protect you and your family after an injury or death at sea.