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Could a Maintenance Diver Drown in a Retention Pond?

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

There are few more horrific ways to lose a family member than in a drowning accident. This is especially true if your loved one worked on the water for a living and his or her death was caused by someone else’s negligence. In cases such as that, those at fault need to be brought to justice and the family deserves money for the financial burden of their loss, including money for funeral expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. Authorities are still unclear about what caused a recent drowning accident in New Albany, Ohio. According to WBNS-TV, the victim in the drowning was a maintenance diver who had been hired to dredge the ponds in the area. The diver was working with another employee at the time of the incident. After he had been underwater longer than expected and lost contact with his co-worker, the authorities were called in to…
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Why Did the Coast Guard Stop a Google Barge Project?

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

According to centralmaine.com, after the Coast Guard repeatedly cited the project for fire-safety concerns, Google has ended its plan to build high-tech Google Barges in Portland and San Francisco. Google had already stopped working on the San Francisco barge in September of last year after the Coast Guard inspected the ship and cited it for carrying over five thousand gallons of fuel on the main deck and having a large amount of combustible material on board. Officials for the Coast Guard did not feel that people could escape from the four-story structure quickly enough if a fire broke out. In October 2013, Google docked another barge in Portland Harbor, intending to turn it into a high-tech structure as well. However, following the trouble the company had with the San Francisco barge’s fire-safety issues, the construction never began on the project. Lawyers That Handle Barge Accidents At Latti & Anderson, we…
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Could a Tugboat Severely Damage an Aircraft Carrier?

Posted on November 17, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

The Pennsylvania Record reported earlier this month about a tugboat accident that involved an aircraft carrier. The incident took place in November of 2012 and caused damage to a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the USS John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The story is back in the news now because a lawsuit has been filed against the tugboat company seeking compensation for the damage. Rhoads Industries, Inc. filed the suit in a Pennsylvania court. Rhoads is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for a crane it leases that sustained over $1 million in damage in the tugboat accident. Rhoads used the crane to move large cargo on and off ships in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. The company has not been able to use the crane since the incident, which it claims in its suit is costing it money because it has to turn down jobs it would have been able to complete using the crane….
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