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Fuel Leak Prevented After Refueling Barge Takes on Water

Posted on October 29, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

Fuel leaking into the water from a vessel could spell disaster for many reasons, including: Leaving the vessel stranded Putting the crew in danger of injury or death if the boat catches on fire or explodes Damaging the environment Recently, firefighters had to be called in to keep a refueling barge from sinking or leaking fuel in Long Beach, California, after the vessel began taking on water. According to KNBC-TV, the barge serves as a refueling station for the Catalina Express, a ferry that takes passengers across the 20-mile channel between Santa Catalina Island and Long Beach. The firefighter crew first responded to the scene around 11:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. Upon arriving, the crew found the barge leaning to one side in the water. They turned off the barge’s diesel fuel flow in attempt to prevent fuel from leaking into the channel. In addition, a yellow containment boom was…
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Larger Boat Crashes Into Smaller Boat, Claims Woman’s Life

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

Like big rigs and small cars sharing the highway, larger vessels and small watercraft often share the same waterways. In both cases, the larger and smaller vehicles have to be extra careful around one another, because due to their size difference, a collision between the two will many times prove fatal. Unfortunately, a recreational boating accident earlier this month proved the above-mentioned theory correct. According to WFOR-TV, the wreck happened on a Saturday night near Coral Gables, Florida. There were only two vessels involved in the crash, a 27-foot boat and a 68-foot yacht, which were both traveling near Key Biscayne prior to the wreck. Reportedly, the yacht struck the smaller vessel, sending three of the 27-foot boat’s occupants into the water. Passengers from the yacht were able to recover the three people who fell into the water and bring them aboard the 68-foot vessel. Following the wreck, the three…
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Crewman Missing After Falling Off Barge

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Latti & Anderson

It is very important for the owner and operator of any vessel to make sure it is as safe as possible for anyone riding it. This is true whether the ship is used for work or play, and it is especially important at times when environmental issues, such as the weather or even nightfall, add to the dangers posed to those onboard. Recently, a crewman on a barge went missing overnight, while the vessel was traveling along the Mississippi River. According to nemonews.net, authorities believe the barge worker fell overboard after the ship passed through Lock and Dam 19. A search for the 20-year-old man is underway, with the Illinois Department of Natural Resource, Missouri Highway Patrol and Coast Guard all involved. The center of the search is the area between the Fenway and Gregory landings. A member of the Missouri Highway Patrol said the incident could be classified as…
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