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Why Do Recreational Boats Capsize?

Posted on March 27, 2015 by Latti & Anderson

When it comes to recreational boating accidents, capsizing incidents are not uncommon. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, in 2013, there were an estimated 250 capsizing events reported to the agency involving recreational boats, resulting in about 175 deaths and more than 330 injuries. Unfortunately, capsizing incidents can occur for a number of reasons, including overcrowding, superficial vessel issues and collisions with other vessels, as well as collisions with rocks, docks, jetties, piers and sandbars. Many of these issues are avoidable. Often operator inattention, inexperience or recklessness plays a role in capsizing accidents. Aside from drowning and death, capsizing incidents can result in serious injuries stemming from trauma, cardiac arrest and hypothermia. Woman Killed in Georgia Capsizing Incident Sadly, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a recreational boat capsized on Lake Lanier on March 15, causing one woman to drown. The news outlet reported that Yang Kim, 29, was found…
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Why Do Fires Occur on Vessels?

Posted on March 25, 2015 by Latti & Anderson

Unfortunately, fires on vessels are not uncommon. Remember, fire incidents can occur on boats for a number of reasons, including: The failure to properly maintain and repair equipment Defective equipment A lack of safety procedures The failure to follow regulations regarding chemicals and flammable cargo Interestingly, according o Seaworthy, about 55 percent of boat fires occur due to issues with wiring. Additionally, about 24 percent of fires occur due to mechanical overheating, while about 8 percent occur due to fuel leaks. In addition to these issues, on commercial vessels, we have represented injury victims who have experienced significant burns from scalding hot water and from leaking lube oil. Sadly, severe burns can be some of the worst injuries a maritime worker can experience. They can lead to pain, disfigurement and limited mobility. This is why if you suffer burn injuries in an incident aboard a vessel, it may be a good…
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Why Should I Have a Fatal Maritime Accident Investigated?

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Latti & Anderson

If your loved one is killed in a maritime accident, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney familiar with this particular practice of law. Keep in mind, in some instances, following a fatal accident, there will be questions surrounding liability. Often, various agencies are tasked with investigating an accident. It could be left to the US Coast Guard, or state and local agencies to investigate why the accident took place. Sometimes an investigation can take several months—during this time, it may prove to be vital to seek legal representation. Remember, if your loved one has died, to obtain damages and move forward with a wrongful death claim, you will need to prove that negligence or unseaworthiness played a role in his or her accident. Keep in mind, if an insurer is involved, it will probably use various defenses provided under the Limitation of Liability Act…
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