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Maritime attorneys help commercial fisherman and merchant seamen throughout Maine.

Lobstermen Rescued After Nine Hours in Raft

Even experienced boaters can have mishaps on the water. All it takes is a dark night, some thick fog and an inconveniently positioned rock or two. Two Maine lobstermen spent one terrifying night adrift in an inflatable life raft after their fishing vessel hit a ledge in thick fog last month and quickly sank. The fishermen said that they hit the ledge at around 4:45 a.m. and quickly began taking on water. They got into their life raft but without a radio, were left exposed to the cold wind and pelting rain for nine long hours while boats passed by—tantalizingly close, yet hidden by the dense fog. The next day, a sailboat was making its way through the nearly impenetrable fog, when its crew heard an unusual sound between the air horn blasts they were using to signal their position to other craft. Fortunately, the sailboat made no sound other…
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Water Taxi and Recreational Boat Collide, Leaving Three Hurt

A collision between a water taxi and a pleasure boat in Maine’s Casco Bay left three injured, according to Professional Mariner. The accident happened on September 7 off the southern quarter of the island of Fort Gorges around 10 p.m. The recreational boat was carrying two people and the water taxi was carrying seven, including US Representative Chellie Pingree of Maine, who was returning from a wedding. “Damage was significant on the recreational boat,” said Marine Patrol Officer Scott Couture. “The lights had been smashed right off the bow.” The three injured people suffered cuts, bruising and head trauma. Due to the pending investigation, authorities were unable to release more details about the accident at the time of this report. “Part of the determination is whether or not [the two boats] were using the proper lights and had the proper safety equipment aboard,” stated Lt. Scott McCann of Coast Guard…
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What Should I Do If I Was Hurt in a Tanker Accident?

Under maritime laws such as the Jones Act, if you are hurt in a tanker accident due to negligence or unseaworthiness, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages, hospital bills and more. However, proving your employer’s dangerous operations or mistakes led to your injury can often be difficult without the assistance of a qualified attorney. Our nationwide maritime lawyers have been successfully helping maritime workers and their families hold those at fault for their pain and suffering accountable and recover the compensation they are owed for over 50 years. Memorial Bridge Damaged in Maine Tanker Accident On March 7, an oil tanker crashed into the Memorial Bridge, which connects Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, according to Foster’s Daily Democrat. The tanker accident happened about 5:15 a.m. when the 600-foot vessel, which was headed out to sea on the Piscataqua River after unloading diesel fuel at the Sprague Oil…
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