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When a merchant seamen or commercial fisherman sustains a serious injury, such as an amputation, our maritime lawyers can help.

How Did This Fisherman Sustain Propeller Injuries?

A commercial fisherman was snorkeling and spearfishing earlier this month when a boat when a 32-foot boat struck him, causing serious propeller injuries to his lower body. The fisherman lost part of one leg and suffered severe injuries to the other because of the boating accident. Why Boaters Need to Be Aware of Propeller Accidents Propeller accidents are often not the first event that happens. Typically, there is a man overboard situation, a boating accident involving a collision, capsizing, a mechanical failure or a rogue wave. However, the consequences of these types of accidents can be life changing. A propeller contains three whirling blades and typically spins at 3200 rpm on boats. This means it is capable of inflicting at least 160 impacts in one second. Worse, a propeller can continue to spin even after the engine is put in neutral or turned off. According to the U.S. Coast Guard,…
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Did you know Lindsay Lohan’s Finger Amputation is One of the Top Types of Boating Accident Injuries?

Lindsay Lohan sustained a traumatic injury in a recent boating accident. According to the actress, her finger became caught in a boat’s anchor and she was dragged under the water. Upon freeing herself, the bottom part of her ring finger was ripped off and found inside the vessel. While the media is calling this a “freak boating accident,” maritime workers know better. Unfortunately, the actress experienced one of the most common types of maritime injuries. Among amputations caused by sharp objects or entanglements, other common types of accidents include: Man overboard accidents Slip and fall accidents Drunk boating accidents Hypothermia

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How Did This Worker Sustain Amputation Injuries While Channel Dredging?

Last year, a worker was channel dredging at Port Canaveral in Cape Canaveral, Florida when he very suddenly sustained serious injuries. Dredging is a necessity at harbors and ports around the world. Without dredging, sediments that wash downstream will eventually fill the port, which is why dredging is a 24-hour process at Port Canaveral. Crewmembers who work on the dredge vessel must be shuttled from land to the vessel every day on a crew boat that’s tied to the dredge. Typically, the shuttle barge backs up stern first to the dock or the dredging vessel. The crew will get into or off the boat from the stern, stepping past the spinning propellers that holds the boat steady. During a crew exchange, the worker slipped and fell from the shuttle barge. He landed in the water, but his legs fell into the spinning propellers. He lost one leg below the knee…
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