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Collisions at sea can result in serious personal injury to commercial fishermen.

Is Too Much Technology Causing Maritime Accidents?

In a previous blog, we described a boat accident that occurred due to distracted boat operators, one of whom was distracted by paperwork and the other hanging his fishing nets. However, a recent article published by Marine Electronics & Communications describes a very different type of distraction that has possibly caused an increase in maritime accidents. The article claims bridge crewmembers have become too distracted by communications equipment and are generally too reliant on navigation technology. Has Technology Made Seafarers Too Comfortable? In one report, an inspector for maritime accidents said rather than seafarers asking “what can go wrong?” and anticipating problems, technology has made them complacent. Navigation and communication equipment allows seafarers to take more dangerous routes, which has led to an increase in collisions and groundings. Rather than simply looking out the window to get a visual, officers on watch become distracted with VHF communications, safety or navigations…
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What Caused These Two Vessels to Crash in the Gulf Coast?

In 2014, an unusual circumstance occurred that caused a commercial fishing boat and an offshore supply vessel (OSV) to collide. That evening, the 130-foot OSV slammed into a 73-foot shrimping boat and breached the hull, causing the shrimp boat to sink. Thankfully, all of the shrimp boat crew were recovered from the water with minimal injuries, but the losses totaled more than $225,000. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the incident. Distracted Operators Caused the Vessels to Crash According to the NTSB investigation, the captain of the OSV was filling out forms that should have been completed before the vessel got underway at the prior stop the night of the accident. The second captain, whose primary duty at the time was to maintain a lookout, glanced up from his paperwork and saw the shrimp boat. Not giving it much thought, he assumed the shrimp boat was moving away from…
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Towboat Hits St. Louis Bridge and Causes Tragedy for Worker

A worker who was assigned the job of sandblasting a Mississippi River bridge was killed when a towboat hit the scaffolding he was working from last year. The worker was performing maintenance on the Eads Bridge in St. Louis when the towboat struck. The worker fell and landed on the deck of the boat with the scaffolding, and did not survive. Both the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Coast Guard are investigating the accident, however, the official cause has yet to be released. The channel reduced to 300 feet inside the center span of the bridge to allow workers to perform maintenance on it. The towboat was initially located within the 300-foot span. However, the current pushed it outside of its designated area. The bridge worker was sanding-blasting underneath a canvas that blocked his view, so he could not have seen the towboat approaching against its volition….
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