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Drowning accidents are devastating for the families of commercial fishermen and merchant seamen; contact a maritime lawyer at once.

Are Tourist Boats Safe?

In 2010, two people drowned when a duck tour boat stalled and a river barged overran it. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the duck boat operator smelled smoke, and shut off the engine. The oncoming barge failed to receive any distress signal and the duck boat’s horn experienced a malfunction. Following the collision, the passengers were plunged into the water, but two were trapped underneath the boat’s canopy, where they quickly drowned. In 2015, a pedestrian was struck when crossing a street intersection by a different duck boat. A second pedestrian and third pedestrian were also struck in duck boat accidents in July and September of this year. Since 1999, at least 26 people have died in duck boat accidents both on land and on the water. Duck boats were originally designed by the United States Army during World War II. They were officially named “DUKWs,” but…
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How Did This Mississippi River Towboat Lose Control?

Late last year, a mariner who worked on a Mississippi River towboat lost his life when the boat capsized and sank during a spell of unusually high water and fast current near St. Louis. The Coast Guard was unable to recover the worker’s body for a month. The towboat was getting ready to move barges to a different area of the fleeting zone. However, the boat lost control with a particularly bad current and became trapped against another barge. With nowhere to go, the current swept over as water began spilling onto the deck. The boat quickly began to sink. Two of the mariners escaped the capsizing boat. One worker, however, did not make it off the boat. The worker’s body was still on board and only recovered when the towboat was pulled from the water. Was This Towboat Accident Caused By Operator Error? According to reports, the towboat left…
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Could Technology Improvements Help Man-Overboard Retrievals?

Professional Mariner had an interesting story recently about how technology advancements may be helping rescue workers in man-overboard (MOB) situations when people are lost at sea. The news outlet reported that it was not that long ago that people lost at sea had to rely on luck to be rescued; however, now people who fall overboard have a better chance at being found due to improvements in technology. Some of these advancements include personal locator beacons, EPIRBs, thermal imaging cameras and automatic identification systems (AIS). AIS technology in particular is being used on many vessels, as some maritime workers are able to use devices like the sMRT SOS Dan Buoy, an inflatable buoy with a locator beacon, which can be thrown to MOB victims, allowing workers to better locate them. Many AIS devices with GPS technology are now being mounted on vessels as a way to help locate victims in…
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