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Slip and falls on a boat deck might result in serious personal injury to a merchant seaman, who will need a maritime lawyer.

Are There Regulations to Prevent Commercial Fishermen Falls?

Did you know that OSHA has regulations in place to help prevent fall accidents? Employees can sustain falls on boats, including workers doing the maintenance, cleaning, repair, alteration and/or overhaul of a vessel. These incidents can occur at sea, dockside or in a shipyard. According to OSHA, each year dozens of employees are injured or killed due to falls on vessels while performing work activities.  This includes activities in shipyard service. OHSA recommends the following safe fall protection practices: Using proper equipment, not body belts or ropes around the waist. Identifying all fall hazards and, where possible, using handrails, chains, and ropes to protect against hazards such as unprotected deck openings/edges and stairwells to eliminate fall hazards. Establishing a proper gangway or ladder to board vessels. Practicing good housekeeping. Keeping equipment such as cords and fishing lines out of walkways and work areas. Not using cranes to hoist workers unless…
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Can Life Jackets Save Lives?

It seems like a ridiculous question to ask, but according to Laurel Anders, Director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, “Almost 80 percent of all boating fatalities happen to boaters not wearing a life jacket.” Why Don’t People Wear Life Jackets? Many people don’t wear life jackets because they can swim. However, a recent survey by the American Red Cross found that most Americans overestimate their ability to swim. Overall, the Red Cross uncovered that more than half of the people surveyed (a staggering 54%) did not have basic swimming skills. Some did not even know how swim at all. Why Should I Wear a Life Jacket? Even if you are among the 46 percent who can swim, swimming ability alone cannot prevent drowning. One of the main reasons people drown is sudden immersion in cold water, not an inability to swim. When a person falls into cold water…
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Crewmember Falls To Death While Ship Is At Anchor

A crewmember on a 19-ton cargo ship was fatally injured as a result of a fall. The crewman had been working in a steel basket attached, high above the deck, to the on-board electric provision crane. The crewmember was said to be painting at the time of his fall, and the crane was not suitable for lifting personnel. Last year, when a similar occurrence took place in Quebec, that ship’s master specified that moving forward, the on-board hoisting cable should always be carefully inspected before use. Investigators determined that while the crewman operated the crane, the machine exceeded its set limit. The limit switch was deactivated, however, so the motor continued to operate. From his position in the basket, the bosun’s view was obstructed by the basket itself, making it impossible to know what was happening. The winch kept pulling, which overstressed the hoisting cable and brought it into contact…
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