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Ferry accidents result in personal injury and death to workers and passengers.

What Caused This Ferry Accident That Injured 45 Passengers?

Seastreak, the company that operates the new Providence-Newport vessel, is facing $75 million in lawsuits after a ferry accident in 2013 that injured 45 passengers. The ferry was carrying 326 passengers when it smashed into a docking barge. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the ferry did not have a safety management system. According to the NTSB, there was confusion about which mode the ferry was operating in and the captain lost control. The propellers remained in forward pitch position, which actually sped up the ferry as it approached the dock, rather than slow down. Additionally, there were no procedures that limited passenger access to stairwells during high-risk scenarios, such as docking. There were also no alarms that sounded, nor did the captain inform the passengers of the situation. If a safety management system was in place, it is possible this ferry accident would not have happened. Safety…
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Boater Loses His Life When He Collides With a Ferry

The Quebec River near Laval is often occupied by a 48-foot cable ferry that uses the current to navigate across the river. Last year, a pleasure craft caused a boating accident when it crashed into this ferry, and a young man lost his life and several other passengers sustained injuries. According to the report, there were nine passengers aboard the pleasure craft. Of those, four of them were thrown overboard the boat and into the exterior of the ferry. Three of these boat accident victims swam to shore on their own. Those who remained on the boat received various injuries from the impact and had to stay on the boat until the ferry docked, as the boat was lodged in the ferry’s loading ramp. Witnesses who saw the accident say the boat was traveling at a very fast speed when it slammed into the ferry. The impact was great enough…
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Construction Equipment Tips Over on Maine Ferry

Last December, the ro-ro ferry Island Transporter reportedly battled through rough weather off the Maine coast as it was transporting construction equipment, including a cement and boom truck, which eventually overturned on the vessel. According to Professional Mariner, a boom truck on the ferry slid forward about 15 minutes into the voyage, eventually tipping over with a person inside its cab. Luckily, the truck’s boom anchored the vehicle against the ferry’s wall, preventing it from falling into the Atlantic Ocean. The incident occurred shortly after a cement truck also overturned on the vessel. The incidents reportedly occurred on December 11, as the ferry was traveling between Rockland and North Haven, Maine, at about 9:30 a.m. At the time of the incident, three passengers and two crewmembers were aboard the vessel. The cement truck driver reportedly suffered an arm injury during the incident. Unfortunately, none of the construction vehicles were tied…
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