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Ferry accidents can cause personal injury to workers and recreational boaters, who will need an maritime attorney to represent them.

Are Ferry Boats Safe?

In 2003, a 310-foot ferry boat was reaching the end of the 5-mile trip between Manhattan to Staten Island in New York with more than 1,500 passengers on board when it crashed full-speed into a maintenance pier. The concrete platform smashed into the starboard side of the ferry and ripped into the main deck, where most of the passengers had already gathered in preparation to disembark from the boat. The crash was so violent, some passengers leapt into the water and many became trapped beneath debris. The ferry accident killed 11 passengers and injured 165 more. Many of these injuries were critical. It was later discovered the ferry boat pilot had taken medication that made him drowsy and he fell asleep at the controls. He was later convicted of manslaughter. Additionally, it was revealed there was supposed to be two other pilots in the control room while the boat was…
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New York East River Ferry Accident Injures Ten

According to the New York Daily News, ten people suffered injuries on August 12 when an East River Ferry full of passengers made a hard landing at Pier 11. The Daily News reported that the ferry was coming into the pier too fast when the accident occurred. One passenger said that the ferry actually slammed into the pier, which shook the vessel. “It seems like one of the engines broke so he couldn’t reverse. It just went straight to the pier. It was a big jolt,” one passenger said, according to the newspaper. Another witness said small passengers including children were “flying in the air” during the incident. Two of the passengers aboard the ferry had to be transported to the New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for treatment. Eight other passengers were treated at the scene of the accident. Police are still investigating the accident. Moving Forward Following a…
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Mass. Ferry Gets Stuck Twice at Sea in One Month Period

According to Professional Mariner, a high-speed catamaran ferry became stranded twice at sea last summer, with one incident requiring employees and passengers to stay on the vessel overnight. The news outlet reported that Boston Harbor Cruises operates the Cetacea, the vessel involved in the incidents, and that the U.S. Coast Guard is still investigating why the boat stranded passengers at sea in July last year and grounded near Lynn, Massachusetts, in August. The first incident occurred during a whale-watching cruise with 157 passengers onboard—the vessel was about 14 miles off shore, with reports indicating that a submerged cable was caught on the vessel’s port propeller. The boat was reportedly traveling in a restricted area when the incident occurred. Passengers onboard were forced to stay on the vessel overnight while a response team provided food and water. The August grounding incident occurred with about 10 passengers onboard, when the vessel ran…
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