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Maintenance and cure is generally available to commercial fishermen and merchant seamen who are hurt at sea; contact a maritime attorney.

What If an Employer Refuses to Pay Maintenance and Cure After a Fishing Accident?

A commercial fisherman was tying lines on a boat when he became trapped in marsh wetlands. He struggled and injured his legs and knees while trying to get free. The Captain left him in the wetlands and continued on course, essentially abandoning the fisherman to struggle and exacerbate his injuries. The worst part is the negligent vessel owner refused to pay the injured fisherman maintenance and cure benefits while the worker was recovering from his injuries. So, the injured fisherman was utterly alone and left with both his living expenses as well as his medical expenses while unable to work. What is Maintenance and Cure? Maintenance and cure is a law established in the 1800’s that required ship owners to care for ill or injured seamen who worked on their vessel. This law is still in effect to this day, and it is a necessary solution for seamen who are…
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Bosun or Boatswain Job Duties

The profession of bosun or boatswain is an physically demanding merchant seamen position. A bosun or boatswain oversees and is in charge of the rigging, anchoring, cables, etc.  He/she is responsible for all the ship’s hull and all of its components.  The bosun controls and oversees the work of the other able bodied seaman, AB’s,  on deck. In the industry, the bosun is also known as the middleman between the ship superiors and the AB’s and part of his job is to make sure that the AB’s carry out their duties. Over the years, Latti & Anderson LLP has represented bosuns on tankers, cargo ships to container ships.  We obtained an settlement of $5.9 million for a bosun who fell overboard while pulling in a gangway and sustained a traumatic brain injury. If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for help under maritime law. Any maritime worker…
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Crewmember Falls To Death While Ship Is At Anchor

A crewmember on a 19-ton cargo ship was fatally injured as a result of a fall. The crewman had been working in a steel basket attached, high above the deck, to the on-board electric provision crane. The crewmember was said to be painting at the time of his fall, and the crane was not suitable for lifting personnel. Last year, when a similar occurrence took place in Quebec, that ship’s master specified that moving forward, the on-board hoisting cable should always be carefully inspected before use. Investigators determined that while the crewman operated the crane, the machine exceeded its set limit. The limit switch was deactivated, however, so the motor continued to operate. From his position in the basket, the bosun’s view was obstructed by the basket itself, making it impossible to know what was happening. The winch kept pulling, which overstressed the hoisting cable and brought it into contact…
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