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Offshore accidents can seriously injure or kill workers, and the claims will likely fall under maritime law.

What is the “Safer Seas Digest” and How Can It Help You Offshore?

Last month, we wrote a blog on the top three lessons the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had learned from its annual report on maritime accidents. The 72-page report looked at 29 major maritime accidents. Since then, the NTSB has released its annual “Safer Seas Digest,” which crewmembers can use in training and safety meetings. Similar to its annual report, it lists the top lessons learned from last year’s maritime accidents, such as crewmember fatigue, voyage planning and communication. It also includes the following important safety lessons that all crewmembers should review before heading out to sea: Alarms and navigation alerts – Alarms are effective tools to ensure crewmembers are alert and vigilant while they are watchstanding. Alarms can set to ring at certain intervals, proximity, GPS or radar indicators. Employers should implement written procedures for each alarm use and ensure watchstanders are familiar with each function. Written procedures…
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What Caused the Deepwater Horizon Accident?

You may have stumbled across the trailer of a movie titled Deepwater Horizon, starring Mark Wahlberg. The trailer begins with a child who describes her father’s job working on an oil rig that later undergoes a terrible disaster. Then, the text “Based on a true story” appears. Deepwater Horizon is based on the true events that caused the worst oil spill in United States history that devastated the environment, killed 11 people and injured dozens more. Around 9:45 p.m. on the evening of April 20, 2010, highly pressured methane gas from the Macondo well spread into the drilling riser and crept into the drilling rig itself. There, the methane gas ignited and caused a massive explosion that engulfed the entire platform. There were 126 people onboard the Deepwater Horizon when the explosion occurred. The explosion hurled shrapnel, flung crewmembers across the rooms and many were caught in the blaze. Survivors…
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New Jersey Tugboat Crewmen Tragedy Occurs at an Oil Depot

Last October, a crewmember of a tugboat fell from a barge ladder and into the water at an oil depot in New Jersey. The 55-year-old’s body was recovered the following day by police divers. The Coast Guard is still investigating to determine if the death was caused by negligence. So far, the investigation has shown the 59-foot tugboat had just finished towing the 195-foot 11,300-barrel boat. The tankerman descended from one of the empty barges to get onto the pier. According to a witness who was standing on the pier, but was not in close proximity, the crewmember slipped. He fell approximately 10 feet into the water because the ladder shifted. The witness ran to throw the crewmember a life ring, but by the time he reached the edge of the peer, the crewmember was nowhere to be seen. Tankerman’s Death Might Be Caused by Negligence The main question authorities…
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