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Onshore maritime accidents may still involve maintenance and cure for injured workers and longshoremen.

Is This Shipping Port Putting Dock Workers at Risk?

A dock worker was seriously injured at Port Elizabeth in New Jersey. The worker’s tractor trailer, which is used to move shipping containers, was lifted six feet off of the dock by a shipping crane. The crane operator lifted the container while the vehicle was still attached and dropped the entire load to the ground. Two months before that, a worker died at the same port after being struck by a vehicle used to move shipping containers. The operator is facing criminal charges for being drunk while driving. One month before this incident, two dock workers sustained burn injuries when a vehicle caught fire. That same month, a dock worker suffered an amputation injury when a hoist cable wrapped around his arm and severed it. This port had four incidents within a three-month time frame. Are Dock Workers Protected by Maritime Law? Just because a maritime worker sustains an injury…
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How Did a NJ Dockworker Lose His Hand?

According to, a dockworker had his severed in an October accident at the APM Port Elizabeth container terminal. The dockworker, 49, of Paramus, was allegedly attempting to replace a hoist cable on the dock when it became wrapped around his arm and tightened. His hand was then severed from his arm and he was transported to an area hospital where doctors attempted to reattach the limb. Officials at the hospital, citing privacy laws, were not able to comment whether they were able to successfully reattach the man’s hand to his arm. The incident remains under investigation. It was the third serious accident at the dock over the course of three months. Previously, a drunk coworker at the terminal allegedly killed a dockworker and two workers were injured in a terminal fire. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating all of the incidents. How Are Dockworkers Placed in…
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Missing NJ Barge Worker’s Body Found

According to, officials from the U.S. Coast Guard have confirmed that the body of a man recovered near Bayonne is that of a barge worker who fell into the water in Kill Van Kull in October. The worker was performing tasks at the Pier 1 of the International Matex Tank Terminal on October 16 when he was descending a ladder to get off a barge and it shifted, and he lost his balance, forcing him into the water. Another employee who saw the accident occur went to get a life ring but when he returned, the man went missing. About four other crewmembers that were working around the incident did not see it occur. Police began dive team efforts shortly after the incident took place and rescue workers were able to locate a body in the area nearby. A police official said the incident has been deemed an industrial…
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