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How Maritime Workers Can Avoid Fatigue

The GCaptain publication makes a very apt observation that shipping culture often equates hard work with fewer hours of sleep. However, studies have shown that who is awake for 17 hours straight can be comparable to a person with a .05 blood alcohol content level. This is especially applicable to fatigued maritime workers. Given all of the studies that prove time and time again that fatigue is a direct contributory factor in maritime accidents, it is safe to say the maritime industry is a little behind the times in adapting practices that would prevent sleep deprivation. Even during the time the minimum manning requirements were put into action, these requirements still did not take into consideration that the amount of crewmembers is irrelevant to safely operate on a ship if they are all drop-dead tired. Errors in judgement, decision making and reaction time are severely impaired by fatigue, yet the culture…
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Shark Attack Blamed on Drunken Charter Instructor

Courthouse News Service reports that a filmmaker who was mauled by a shark has filed a lawsuit in San Diego, accusing a charter boat dive instructor of drawing her into being bait by being intoxicated. The lawsuit was in a federal court in November, accusing a dive instructor, as well as Mako Shark Diving and Yellow Charter Boat, of negligence. The woman claims that she boarded Yellow Charter’s Cetus Specula boat in June to film underwater shark activity. According to the lawsuit, the dive instructor was allegedly intoxicated and “chumming” the water and hand-feeding sharks while she was filming. The lawsuit claims that the dive instructor directed the woman to an unsafe area, continuing to feed a nearby shark, holding bait directly in the woman’s path, leading to her shark attack. The woman claims she suffered permanent severe injuries and disfigurement, as well as emotional distress. The dive instructor declined…
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New York Harbor Crash Remains Controversial

A New York Harbor accident that occurred last year remains controversial, as investigators are not in a complete agreement about what happened. Updating the story we brought you last fall, the U.S. Coast Guard has determined that rough seas resulted in a New York Harbor pilot boat smashing into the side of a ship. Although the Coast Guard has made this determination, the Sandy Hook Pilots Association contends a mechanical problem played a role in the crash, because the operator tried to reverse the engines and was not able to, according to Professional Mariner. The accident, which occurred on March 18, 2014, happened when the 53-foot pilot boat Wanderer was coming alongside the inbound 984-foot cargo ship Luisa. The crash injured four of the pilots who were onboard the small boat. A Coast Guard investigator, Lt. Cmdr. Bill Grossman, said that while a final investigation has not been completed, “at…
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