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Tanker accidents can be deadly to merchant seamen, and families whose loved one died at sea need an experienced maritime attorney.

Bulker Secured After Causing Millions in Damages

On April 6th, A Greek bulker owned by the Bariba Group broke free from its moorings and drifted uncontrolled across the Mississippi River. The Privocean, an 81,434 dwt bulker, destroyed parts of the dock it was moored at, spilled about 10 barrels of oil into the river, and crushed a tug boat against a tanker. Once secured, the ship was anchored at Grandview Anchorage downstream from the accident site, and on April 13th, the ship was arrested by U.S. marshals. Authorities are pursuing $40 million in damages, and the 116,014 dwt tanker Bravo seeks $10 million in damages. Crescent Towing & Salvage, the owner of the tug Texas which was smashed between the Bravo and Privocean, seeks a lien on the rogue bulker. The company also claims that three of its other vessels were damaged in the accident. What Can I Do If My Property is Destroyed In a Maritime…
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Tugboat Hits Bridge, Barges Break Free

We have been blogging a lot recently about towboat accidents as a way to raise awareness that these vessels are often involved in mishaps. Remember, even though tugboats may have a smaller size and build than other vessels, unsafe working conditions can lead to serious accidents. Tugboat crashes can result from equipment malfunctions, electrical complications and fires, in addition to capsizing and sinking incidents. They also result from operator negligence. These accidents can lead to serious personal injuries for crewmembers, including brain injury damage, paralysis, serious burns, disfigurement and amputation. Because of this, our firm has represented many tugboat accident victims and their family members. Tugboat Hits Mississippi River Bridge, Barges Break Loose Recently, in an accident that could have caused injuries, but thankfully did not, the stern of a tugboat traveling up the Mississippi River earlier this month crashed into a bridge pylon, causing 21 barges to break loose…
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Could Oil Prices Cause More Tanker Accidents?

Are you enjoying the low price of gasoline? While the savings are benefiting drivers, they may end up playing a role in shipping accidents internationally. Last month, Skuld, a Norwegian insurer, announced that the dip in oil prices could lead to a rise in crude shipping activities and a rise in collisions. The insurer said that it is already seeing an uptick in accidents. “We’re unfortunately seeing a rise in collision claims,” incoming CEO Ståle Hansen said, according to While this news comes from a Norwegian insurer, crude shipping activities are expected to increase worldwide. As operational costs for ships have gone down, oil tanker demand has increased, as several countries have begun to stockpile cheap oil. Thus, with more ships operating, there may be more accidents. Reuters recently reported that some of the world’s largest oil traders have hired companies to store crude at sea in supertankers due to…
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