The maritime attorneys at Latti & Anderson LLP have the experience with and knowledge of maritime law necessary to fight on behalf of marine workers who have not received fair payment. We have successfully fought for many clients’ much-deserved pay, obtaining in some cases double wages and other damages. Our clients include:

  • Fishermen whose employers have issued a settlement sheet that prevents them from receiving their fair share of the catch
  • Merchant seamen who suffered pay cuts because their trips were cut short for mechanical reasons
  • Other wage problems for marine workers, including miscalculated wages, withheld overtime pay and failure to pay wages for a trip

Providing Maritime Wage Dispute Solutions

We tailor our solutions to maritime wage problems to the situation and needs of the client. In some cases, we are able to resolve the problem with a simple letter; in other cases, we will go all the way to court. Whatever approach we use to recover lost wages, clients can be sure that we will keep them informed about the status of their case as it moves forward and we will work our hardest to make sure our clients get the pay to which they are entitled.

We Help All Maritime Workers with Wage Disputes

Our clients also include longshoremen, commercial fishermen, deckhands on tugs, merchant seamen and members of ferry crews. If you have a wage and hour dispute or other labor issue with your maritime employer, contact our maritime lawyers today to find out how we can help you.