If you or a loved one was injured while working as a seaman aboard a vessel, all you must prove to have a claim for unseaworthiness is that the vessel or one of its parts was not reasonably fit for its intended purpose and that your injury was because of it.

If a vessel is unseaworthy and it causes an accident, the injured parties have the right to seek compensation from the owner. If you have been injured or a loved one killed while employed on a vessel because of an unseaworthy condition on a scallop vessel, dragger, tanker or tug, the advice of an experienced attorney with an intricate knowledge of maritime law is important.

The maritime attorneys at Latti & Anderson LLP have been providing effective legal counsel to those injured at sea for over 50 years. Our cases have included unseaworthiness claims suits involving:

  • Defective equipment or lack of equipment
  • Lack of procedures or improper procedures
  • Lack of safety equipment, rules and regulations
  • Incompetent crew, inadequate crew or dangerous crew
  • Lack of stability of vessel
  • Failure to comply with federal regulations

Defective equipment and unseaworthy vessels can cause a host of serious injuries, including:

In both injury and wrongful death cases, our maritime attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to build a strong case for unseaworthiness claims and to secure compensation for medical bills and treatment, past and future lost wages, maintenance and cure, and past and future pain and suffering and mental anguish.

If an unseaworthy vessel has caused you injury or if a vessel’s defective or dangerous equipment hurt you, contact the maritime lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP. We serve clients nationwide, and we want to hear about your case. We can help – call now.