Our investigations involve taking photographs, obtaining witness statements and obtaining reports from the various state, local and federal agencies involved in the incident. When the company that owns the vessel or that employs the accident victim is involved, the company and its insurer will hire their own investigators and lawyers to conduct an investigation – and the company’s main goal is to show that the accident was not its fault; worse, it will try to show that the accident was your fault.

To fight against the company and its limitless ability to pay for lawyers, investigators and experts, you need to hire the maritime attorneys who will work on your behalf to not just level the playing field, but tip it in your favor. In cases of serious injury or death, the company’s investigators will be on the vessel within hours. They will talk to the crew, take photographs and take written or recorded statements, trying to show that the accident scene is in perfect condition and all equipment is working properly. In a death case, it is very important to start an investigation early and search all angles, since the story surrounding how the accident killed the victim will come from witnesses, photographs and documents. This type of information should be obtained as soon as possible. We can have our investigator begin his work quickly to make sure the information is just as fresh and just as thorough, providing your case with a strong foundation of facts and truth.

You have a right to have your own maritime attorney to protect your rights and your ability to obtain fair compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and even the death of a loved one. Contact the maritime attorneys at Latti & Anderson LLP today to talk to us about your case. Talking to us is free of charge, and most clients will never owe us anything unless we recover money for them. We represent clients nationwide – call today so we can start protecting your rights and investigating your case.