The maritime accident lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP have decades of experience representing fishing injury victims nationwide. If you are hurt working as a fisherman, federal laws grant you certain protections, such as the right to maintenance and cure. Our attorneys understand how important this compensation is to any fisherman. An injury can prevent a maritime worker from returning to the job for months, or even permanently. Therefore, if you are hurt near Gulf coast fishing ports, or anywhere on the water, call our maritime law firm to ensure that an experienced lawyer is protecting your interests.

Most Common Maritime Accidents in Gulf Coast Fishing Ports

Many commercial fishing vessels in the Gulf of Mexico use trawl nets, purse seines, longlines and gillnets. This equipment is most commonly used to catch red snapper, grouper and shrimp. However, if a commercial fishing company neglects safety standards and allows this equipment to wear, fishing accidents commonly result, which can lead to the loss of a limb, brain injury and severe fractures, including spinal cord injury. Additionally, negligence on deck can create safety hazards, causing maritime workers to potentially fall overboard or sustain injuries from heavy machinery.

Those who fish for spiny lobster, blue crab or stone crab may use a variety of traps and pots to land their catches. These fishermen may be at risk for serious slip and fall accidents as well as falls overboard due to negligence on their vessels. Hauling heavy traps on deck can also present risks if fishing companies do not enforce industry regulations. For example, injuries commonly result when companies fail to provide adequate gear or hire inexperienced or an inadequate number of workers.

Commercial fishing along any coast is competitive, especially considering industry quotas and restrictions. As a result, many companies push fishermen to work long hours, resulting in dangerous fatigue. Companies may also neglect maintenance and other safety checks in the interest of making higher profits. However, if these actions caused your fishing injury, you have legal options to recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses.

Major Gulf Coast Fishing Ports

Maritime law is the same along all U.S. coasts and often even extends to American ships in foreign ports. As a result, our maritime accident lawyers have successfully represented injured fishermen from all across the country. Our lawyers can travel to any Gulf coast fishing port to assist injury victims. These include, but are not limited to:

Florida Fishing Ports

  • Key West, FL
  • Tampa Bay – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Apalachicola, FL
  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Mayport, FL
  • Panama City, FL

Louisiana Fishing Ports

  • Empire – Venice, LA
  • Intracoastal City, LA
  • Dulac – Chauvin, LA
  • Grand Isle, LA
  • Golden Meadow – Leeville, LA

Texas Fishing Ports

  • Galveston, TX
  • Brownsville – Port Isabel, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX
  • Palacios, TX
  • Aransas Pass – Rockport, TX

Other Major Gulf Coast Fishing Ports

  • Bayou La Batre, AL
  • Bon Secour – Gulf Shores, AL
  • Pascagoula – Moss Point, MS
  • Gulf Port – Biloxi, MS

Fishing Injury in the Gulf? Contact Our Maritime Accident Lawyers Today

If negligence caused your fishing injury in the Gulf of Mexico, you are entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses and other costs. Our maritime accident lawyers have more than 50 years of experience with admiralty law, and have helped thousands of injured workers get the compensation they deserve after fishing accidents. We offer free initial consultations and contingency fee agreements so you pay us nothing unless we get positive results. Contact our maritime law firm today to find out what our attorneys can do for you.