When these workers get hurt on the job, the experienced maritime injury lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP fight nationwide for victims and their family members. Our maritime injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting maritime workers’ rights under the Jones Act and other maritime laws. For 50 years, our law firm has helped lumpers and scallop and ground fishermen get compensation for injuries at sea. One scallop fishermen we represented, who had been crushed by a block , was able to get a settlement of over $2 million for his injuries.

Jones Act Attorneys Explain the Business of Scallop and Ground Fishing

In order to catch scallops, scallop fishermen use a scallop dredge which is towed along the bottom of the ocean floor. The dredge is brought on board the boat by winches and then dumped onto the deck. At that time, the crew pick through the pile, separating scallops from rocks and other fish caught. Once the pile is picked, the crew will then spend hours shucking scallops from their shells.

In order to catch ground fish, ground fishermen tow large trawl nets behind a boat to capture the fish. The fish are then dumped on deck and the crew have to pick through the pile separating the fish they are allowed to keep and discarding all the waste. The fish then have to be prepared and properly stored in the fish hold.

Scallopers and ground fishermen work long hard hours when they are out fishing. While working, they can sustain injuries and death due to:

  • Unsafe procedures and operations followed
  • Failure to repair or properly repair equipment
  • Use of equipment that is damaged or not intended for job
  • Lack of non skid surfaces on deck
  • Inadequate crew
  • Fishing accidents resulting from crew member fatigue
  • Failure to provide proper means of ingress and egress to vessel
  • Lack of proper railing height
  • Leaking equipment
  • Blind spots of winch/equipment operators
  • Failure to provide proper safety and life saving equipment
  • Improperly working navigational equipment
  • Lack of vessel stability
  • Electrical fires

Lumpers, who unload cargo from many kinds of vessels, also run the risk of serious injury or death. They can slip or trip and fall, become caught between a vessel and dock, be struck by a moving object or sustain injuries from lines, cranes and other equipment. If you or someone you know has experienced a marine accident resulting in injury, call our maritime attorneys right away.

Jones Act Lawyers Help Obtain the Most Compensation Available for Maritime Injuries or Wrongful Death

A serious injury can prevent a scallop fisherman, ground fisherman or lumper from returning to work right away, or at all. Depending on your status, injured workers may be entitled to damages for their past and future medical expenses, physical disfigurement, lost wages, impairment to earning capacity, and past and future mental anguish and pain and suffering. Surviving family members may also be entitled to funeral costs and other damages.

Serving clients nationwide, our dedicated maritime attorneys have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for injured maritime workers and their families, battling multinational corporations and small fishing operations alike. We fight to hold companies accountable for negligence, such as:

  • Failure to maintain equipment
  • Broken or missing equipment
  • Lack of safety procedures
  • Unreasonably dangerous working conditions

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