The maritime accident lawyers at Latti & Anderson LLP have experience representing injured fishermen throughout the country, including those who work near west coast fishing ports. No matter where you work, our attorneys can explain your legal rights under federal maritime law. We can also represent your Jones Act claim and/or personal injury case to ensure that you get maintenance and cure as well as any additional compensation available.

What Are the Most Common Accidents in West Coast Fishing Ports?

In the Pacific Ocean, many commercial fishing vessels troll for fish, including albacore tuna as well as both pink and sockeye salmon. However, the long fishing lines and heavy equipment used to reel them in can cause a serious fishing accident without proper maintenance. For example, a fisherman can get caught in tangled lines, which may cause broken bones, or a more severe fishing injury. Additionally, an entangled worker may be pulled overboard.

Trawlers are also common fishing vessels in west coast fishing ports, especially where shrimp, flounder and whiting are the main catches. These heavy nets can cause fishing accidents such as capsizing if a company is negligent in enforcing safety regulations. Additionally, any poor repairs or other negligence on deck can result in slip and fall accidents as workers sort and pack fish. The same hazards exist for fishermen who use purse seines to catch salmon and squid.

Finally, crab is a staple of the pacific fishing industry, including Dungeness crab and Alaskan king crab. Hauling loaded crab pots and traps aboard a fishing vessel can be dangerous if a ship’s equipment is in poor repair. Any fishing accident aboard a crabbing vessel can potentially cause life-changing injuries, including brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Workers in Alaska and other north west fishing ports face additional hazards when negligence causes fishing accidents. The cold water can cause hypothermia within a few minutes if a worker falls overboard or if companies neglect to provide adequate protective clothing. Ice can also quickly accumulate on decks and equipment, creating potentially dangerous conditions.

Major West Coast Fishing Ports

Whether you were injured on the East or West Coast, the same federal maritime laws will apply. As a result, our maritime accident lawyers are able to represent fishing injury and wrongful death victims across the country and internationally. Some the major west coast fishing ports where our lawyers can help include but are not limited to:

Major Alaska Fishing Ports

  • Dutch Harbor – Unalaska, AK
  • Kodiak, AK
  • Aleutian Islands, AK
  • Naknek – Kind Salmon, AK
  • Sitka, AK

Major Washington Fishing Ports

  • Westport, WA
  • Ilwaco – Chinook, WA
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Shelton, WA
  • Willapa Bay, WA
  • Seattle, WA

Major Oregon Fishing Ports

  • Newport, OR
  • Astoria, OR
  • Coos Bay – Charleston, OR
  • Brookings, OR
  • Port Orford, OR
  • Tillamook, OR

Major California Fishing Ports

  • Port Hueneme – Oxnard – Ventura, CA
  • Monterey, CA
  • Moss Landing, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Princeton, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Fishing Accident Along the West Coast? Call Experienced Maritime Accident Lawyers

Fishing accidents and injuries can sometimes prevent a fisherman from returning to work for an entire season, several years or even permanently. At our maritime law firm, we understand the fishing industry and know how costly even a few weeks away from work can be for a worker and his or her family. However, commercial fishing companies rarely settle Jones Act and other claims quickly and fairly and you will need representation to protect you and your family.

A fishing accident attorney can stand up to these companies and help ensure you get the compensation you and your family need. Contact our law offices today to schedule a free initial consultation.