Fiancé of Woman Killed in Hudson River Boating Accident Sues Operator, Barge Owners

The fiancé of a woman killed in an August boating accident on the Hudson River has sued the operator of the boat at the time of the accident and the owners of the construction barge that the boat collided with. Brian Bond was on the boat at the time of the accident that killed his bride-to-be. He is claiming that the boat operator who owned the vessel and the barge owners are both to blame for the accident, citing that the driver’s intoxication and poor lighting on the barges contributed to the crash that killed two.

Jojo John, the driver of the boat at the time of the accident, has pleaded not guilty to all 18 counts that accuse him of vehicular manslaughter and operating a vessel under the influence, as well as other charges. According to John, the poor lighting on the barges is to blame for the collision. According to Bond’s lawsuit, John and everyone else on the boat could not see the construction barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge due to malfunctioning or poorly maintained lighting, and that the owners of the barges ignored warnings about the insufficient lighting prior to the accident.

Bond is suing John along with six construction companies that operate construction barges on the river for damages related to the physical and emotional injuries he has suffered from the accident.

Barge accidents can cause serious injuries when proper maintenance is not followed. Safety precautions such as proper lighting of stationary barges is necessary to prevent fatal accidents. Drunken boating is a major cause of fatal accidents in the U.S., and those who are negligent and injure others deserve to be brought to justice.

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