Who Can I Sue If I Slipped and Fell on a Dock?

For maritime workers, boarding and disembarking a vessel is almost second nature.  In some instance, gangways and ladders will provided to the crew to go back and forth between the vessel; but in many instances no means is provided to the crew.

Under maritime law, vessel owners are required to provide workers with a reasonably safe place to work and that includes a safe manner to go to and from the fishing vessel. In fact, depending on the vessel, there are statutes/regulations that require a boat owner or employer to provide a ladder or gangway for boarding  and disembarking their ship. If a maritime accident is the result of a vessel owner or employer failing to maintain a reasonably safe means for getting on or off a ship, then the owner could be held accountable under negligence or unseaworthiness.

Maritime law is not as clear on the responsibility of a dock owner in a similar situation. However, often in cases where someone has an accident or is injured on a dock, wharf or pier, the property owner can be held responsible under state law.

In fact, according to WorkBoat, in a recent First Circuit Court of Appeals case out of Massachusetts, the court recognized that in a fatal accident involving a fisherman who slipped and fell on an icy area of a dock, the owner and leaseholder of the pier could be held responsible.

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Source: https://www.workboat.com