New Jersey Ferry Accident Injures Several On Board, Including Captain

A New Jersey ferry accident on November 30 injured several people on board, including the vessel’s captain. The ferry hit a Jersey City pier 300 yards north of the dock it was traveling to, causing many passengers and crewmembers to fall. Five passengers and two crewmembers, one being the ship’s captain, reported injuries. Three were treated at the scene, while three others and the captain were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center for treatment.

The ferry is operated by New York Waterway and their spokesman Pat Smith told reporters that the ferry made a “hard landing” and called the incident “very, very rare.” Smith also confirmed that the ferry is owned by Goldman Sachs, but that the captain is a Waterway employee.

The Coast Guard, NYPD Harbor Patrol and the Jersey City police department are conducting an investigation into the accident. According to The Jersey Journal, witnesses at the scene of the accident suggested the ferry may have been speeding. One witness said that the ferry was going “faster than a boat should be when it’s moving toward a stationary object.”

This accident occurred only days after a Staten Island ferry accident that resulted in minor injuries. According to witnesses on board at the time of the collision, ferry operators told passengers to “brace for impact” before the ferry struck a Whitehall terminal dock in lower Manhattan on November 14.

Ferry accidents can cause serious injuries to both crewmembers and passengers when safety procedures are not followed or someone is negligent when operating the vessel. In the event that any passengers were seriously injured in either of these ferry accidents, they may have been able to file a claim for compensation under maritime law.

Do I Need an Attorney After a Ferry Accident?

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