New Jersey Pontoon Accident: What is Christopher’s Law? reports that a bill has been introduced in New Jersey dubbed “Christopher’s Law” that would require pontoon rental businesses to notify customers about the dangers of operating the vessels.

According to the website, the law is a tribute to a 10-year-old Christopher D’Amico Jr. who was killed in a June pontoon accident on Lake Hopatcong. Sen. Anthony Bucco introduced the legislation, saying it would update existing laws by requiring businesses to post signs about vessel dangers.

The bill would force businesses to post warnings at entrances, in addition to requiring them to provide operators with instructions about how to traverse and anchor vessels. Specifically, the bill would require images of the “outline of a person near a propeller surrounded by a red circle, with a red backslash bisecting the image” in business areas.

D’Amico Jr. was killed while his father was operating a rented pontoon boat after he fell into the water. The child was struck by the vessel and had to be transported via helicopter to an area medical center, where he later died.

Currently, pontoon renters in New Jersey do not have to obtain boating licenses or complete safety courses. Bucco told that the legislation places importance on “ensuring that renters receive life-saving instructions.”

“Christopher’s Law” will need the approval of the state’s Legislature before it can be enacted.

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We are happy that New Jersey may enact a law to protect recreational boaters. Inexperienced boaters can cause violent accidents on waterways leading to deaths and catastrophic personal injuries. Businesses should do everything they can to educate their customers about the dangers of operating vessels.

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