Free Vessel Stability Workshop for Commercial Fisherman

Free, All- Day Fishing Vessel Stability Workshop
January 14, 2019

On January 14, 2019, the Fishing Partnership is having a FREE all-day Vessel Stability workshop for commercial fisherman called “Upright & Watertight.”

The workshop

“prepares attendees to respond to these situations by incorporating practical information with hands-on training. Attendees will review case studies of actual fishing vessel accidents caused by inattention and other unsafe practices. The workshop is oriented towards the commercial fishing environment and is designed to meet future training requirements for commercial fishermen.”

At the workshop, topics include requirements and responsibilities, stability technology, stability principle & the stability curve, operation considerations, understanding stability reports to flooding control and prevention.

Over the years, Latti & Anderson LLP has represented many families who have lost their loved ones due to an unstable vessel.  Unknown progressive flooding in fish holds and stuffing boxes of engine rooms, the overloading of catch on the deck, the  improper placement of equipment on deck to the building up of ice on deck and outriggers are all real-life conditions on fishing vessels that have affected the vessel righting/stability curve- its ability to right itself-causing the fishing vessel to capsize and the loss of lives of fisherman.

Monday’s workshop on vessel stability is a great opportunity to learn about stability of the vessel, hear about the actual sinking of fishing vessels and lessons learned from them and what can be done to prevent problems with stability on fishing vessels and further sinkings in the future.  If you have any free time on Monday, head over to the Fisherman’s Partnership in New Bedford.

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