Do Party Boat Accident Victims Have Legal Rights?

Sadly, earlier this month, a party boat accident in North Carolina resulted in injuries to some of the vessel’s 159 passengers.

According to, the accident occurred on July 11 in the Wilmington-area when the Royal Winner Princess II was navigating the Intracoastal Waterway, toward Snow’s Cut. The boat reportedly had music blaring and people were dancing when it lost power steering due to an equipment failure, striking a pier.

The boat’s captain reportedly told U.S. Coast Guard investigators that he was able to pilot the vessel back to its dock at the Carolina Beach Marina after the accident took place. Some of the 159 passengers aboard were treated for injuries after the boat returned. Aside from those treated directly on the boat, five people had to be taken to an area hospital for injury care.

One passenger told that when the boat collided with the pier, almost everyone aboard fell over. “People were sliding with tables falling,” one woman said.

The Royal Winner Princess III is a 120-foot boat with a 400-person capacity. One woman said in a Facebook post that the captain made no announcement about any oncoming dangers prior to the accident.

Our Maritime Attorneys Can Help You Recover Following a Party Boat Accident

If you are injured in a party boat or ferry accident because of an equipment malfunction or any another cause, speak to our maritime attorneys about investigating the incident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident will depend upon whether the vessel owner or another party may all be liable for your injuries.

Our lawyers represent boat accident victims from across the United States. In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti discusses her love for maritime law.

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