Twelve People Injured in a Boat Crash

A group of 11 young people and the boat operator were on the waters of Cheat Lake at around 8:55 pm on Monday, May 25th. They suddenly ran up on an embankment on the eastern shore, but no one knows why the boat crashed. “It was like hitting a brick wall,” said the victims of a boat grounding on Cheat Lake in Monongalia County, West Virginia. Officials are investing and are looking into the possibility that a tree sticking out of the water may have been related to the crash.

Everyone on the boat was injured, but three individuals were so badly hurt that they needed to be rushed to the hospital via helicopter. The conditions of the three seriously injured victims are still unknown, but the other passengers are reporting arm and back injuries.

Will Working With a Maritime Attorney Help?

For 50 years, our firm has represented injured passengers in all manner of boat crashes, including groundings. Operators of vessels have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe by navigating safely and being properly trained to avoid dangers. Additionally, Owners have a responsibility to only allow people to operate the vessel who have the experience and skill to operate a boat. As the video above explains, there are a variety of injuries that can result from boat groundings like this one. With decades of maritime law experience, Latti & Anderson can help injured victims seek the restitution they need. We represent people from all over the nation.

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