What are Dangers of Boat Propellers?

If you operate a recreational boat or are a passenger, you should be aware that propellers offer great dangers to people who encounter them.

We have blogged about many injury accidents involving people being struck by active boat propellers. In fact, earlier this year, a woman’s arm was amputated following a Boston boating accident in which she was caught in a propeller.

According to BoatSafe.com, a typical three-blade boat propeller runs at 3,200 rpm can inflict 160 impacts (or strikes) in one second. This means that if you get a limb caught in one, you can face amputation or catastrophic cuts. However, you should be aware that most propeller accidents are preventable.

The website reported that if people are swimming around a vessel, the engine on the boat should be off at all times. Additionally, BoatSafe.com also recommends:

  • Never allowing passengers to board or exit your boat when engine(s) are running
  • Educating passengers about the location of the propeller
  • Being alert when operating in congested areas and never entering swimming zones
  • Using caution near boats that are towing skiers or tubers
  • Watching all children aboard a vessel, at all times
  • Establishing rules for swim platform use, ladders and seats
  • Never reversing your boat to pick someone up from the water

Washington Woman Suffers Severe Injuries after Being Slashed By Boat Propeller

Recently, a Washington woman suffered severe injuries when a boat propeller slashed her. According to the Seattle Times, the incident occurred on Lake Washington.

The woman, 19, was reportedly slashed on the leg by the propeller. After the incident occurred, the woman had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. The injury was described as “extensive” although the victim is expected to make a recovery.

The accident remains under investigation—it took place as an air show and hydroplane race were occurring on the water.

Our Maritime Attorneys Help Recreational Boat Accident Victims

In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti talks about how you can move forward as a victim of a boating accident. Remember, you may be entitled to damages for your injuries, if negligence played a role in an incident. Any money you obtain could help you with injury treatment, which can be expensive, especially if you lose a limb.

If you would like to speak to our maritime attorneys about having your accident investigated or if you have questions, you can contact us at the number located on this page or fill out the request form.

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Source: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/woman-gets-slash-on-leg-from-boat-propeller/