Why Did the United States Coast Guard Terminate This Yacht Voyage?

One of the main reasons that there are various boating accidents during the summer is because one or both of the vessels involved in the accident was unsafe. All recreational boats are required to have updated safety codes on board in order to protect their passengers. Unfortunately, some boating trips are terminated by the United States Coast Guard because they failed to pass certain safety regulations. Recently, the Coast Guard terminated a yacht voyage for multiple safety violations after a bridge crash.

Why Was This Yacht Voyage Terminated?

The Coast Guard ended the voyage of the 65-foot pleasure yacht Zenith at Sea Isle Marina after finding various safety issues and environmental problems with the vessel. One of the main issues was that the vessel was carrying more passengers than they were certified to carry. Other violations included:

  • Not having a valid Certificate of Inspection
  • Not having a mariner with the proper credentials controlling the small passenger vessel
  • Failing to have a drug and alcohol program
  • Not having a valid stability letter

The owner and operator of the Zenith currently faces maximum civil penalties for his illegal passenger-for-hire operation. The Coast Guard Law Enforcement boat crew conducted a boarding of the Zenith after a call from a concerned passenger when the vessel collided with the Venetian Causeway Bridge. In order to keep passengers safe and knowledgeable, the Coast Guard urges passengers to:

  • Request to see the vessel operator’s valid credentials
  • Ask for proof of required inspection documents
  • Examine the vessel from top to bottom for any safety hazards or outstanding violations

Taking these steps will make a difference between a fatal accident or a minor incident. If you were involved in a yacht accident and sustained injuries, you should speak with a maritime injury attorney who can provide more information on your next course of action. Contact Latti & Anderson LLP today for a free consultation.