Another Chemical Spill, This Time Asphalt

Another Chemical Spill, This Time Asphalt

Nearly 11,000 gallons of asphalt spilled into the Mystic River, near Everett, MA, earlier this month. The Coast Guard is monitoring the cleanup efforts.

Apparently this spill was caused by a hose failure, but luckily there have been no known environmental impacts. The liquid asphalt has solidified around the ship, on the surface of the water.

Exxon, at whose port the spill occurred, has already contracted Clean Harbors and TMC Environmental to recover the asphalt. Hopefully the agencies will be able to complete the complicated cleanup processes without further difficulty.

These kinds of accidents are far too common, and often the result of negligence on the part of ship’s owners and engineers. There are stringent guidelines for checking equipment on every ship before it ever leaves the dock. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in crewmembers’ injury and even death.

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