Three Injured By Chemical Drums, Rough Seas

Sadly, three vessel crewmembers suffered chemical burns in a February incident while cleaning drums during poor weather off the coast of Oregon. According to Professional Mariner, the incident occurred when the workers of the Almasi were cleaning cargo holds aboard the Cyprus-flagged ship.

The news outlet reported that two mariners suffered severe chemical burns, while one suffered a knee injury that required surgery. The U.S. Coast Guard sent a helicopter to the deck of the vessel, which was about 52 miles offshore, to hoist the three workers to safety for treatment.

The crewmembers were reportedly cleaning with alkaline chemicals when a drum came loose due to the rolling of the vessel in rough waters. After the drum came loose, chemicals reportedly spilled along the floor and an object struck one mariner. During the rescue, the Coast Guard reported conditions of 31- to 38-mph winds and 19-foot seas. The vessel was on route from Portland to Russia.

Chemical Injuries Can Be Devastating

As we reported in this February blog post, chemical exposure can lead to severe injuries for maritime workers, including burns and blindness. Workers who are exposed to chemicals should speak to our maritime accident attorneys about their legal rights.

Our attorneys can investigate your case and determine if you are entitled to damages through the Jones Act or general maritime law. Any money obtained can help pay for lost wages, and past and future medical bills. For more information about maritime injuries, visit our Facebook or Twitter pages, and continue to follow our blog.

In the video above, our maritime trial lawyer David Anderson explains what you should do following an accident at sea, including incidents involving chemical exposure.

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