6-Year-Old Drowns in Carnival Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

6-Year-Old Drowns in Carnival Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

A six-year-old boy drowned in a pool aboard a Carnival cruise ship, according to a statement released by Carnival Cruise Lines on October 14. The young boy drowned on October 13 in a midship pool aboard the Carnival Victory. His family and friends were near the pool at the time of the incident.

According to a spokesperson for Carnival, this is the first incident they know of that a child had drowned aboard one of their cruise ships. The Carnival Victory had 3,094 guests on board and 1,100 staff members at the time of the accident. The Miami-Dade Police Department is still investigating the drowning, which appears to be accidental. Investigators told CBS News that the boy was in the pool with his 10-year-old brother when he drown. Other passengers pulled the six-year-old from the water and performed CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another young boy nearly drowned aboard a Disney cruise last year. Cruise ships are not required by law to have lifeguards on duty at their pools. This has sparked a great debate about whether cruise ships should be required to provide lifeguards, and whether it is the family or the cruise line’s responsibility to watch after its passengers.

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Latti & Anderson’s Little Extra: Carnival Cruise Lines has 24 ships and attracts over 4.5 million passengers a year.

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