Bridge Shutdown for 60 Days After Louisiana Barge Accident

Bridge Shutdown for 60 Days After Louisiana Barge Accident

According to WAFB CBS 9, due to the damage caused by a February 28 barge accident, a Grosse Tete, Louisiana bridge will be closed for at least 60 days. The bridge is a major crossing for area residents as well as those passing through, and closing it is causing many commuters headaches.

“It’s extremely inconvenient,” stated one Grosse Tete resident. “I can’t go to school or do anything without getting in my boat and going across the bayou.”

The barge accident that damaged the bridge happened late at night. Although there are aprons on the bridge to prevent vessels from crashing into it, because the barge struck the apron directly, it was able to inflict severe damage to the crossing. The barge took out nearly 50 feet of the bridge when it slammed into it. In addition, as a result of the collision, a concrete section of the bridge was shifted almost six inches, and eight pilings underneath the crossing were damaged.

The reason it will take so long to repair the bridge is the damage to the pilings, which will have to be replaced.

“They worried about the main structure being able to support the weight of 18-wheelers that cross here daily,” Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi told WAFB CBS 9.

For those who do not have a boat to cross the waterway, taking I-10 to LA 1 is their only other option for getting from Grosse Tete to Plaquemine.

“If you live on the west side of the intra coastal and you work at Georgia Gulf, it’s approximately 45-50 miles out of your way,” said Sheriff Stassi.

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Latti & Anderson’s Little Extra: The US Coast Guard reported that in 2012 operator inattention and operator inexperience were two of the primary contributing factors in accidents.

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