COSTA ALLEGRA Fire Leaves Over 1,000 People Adrift at Sea for Three Days

COSTA ALLEGRA Fire Leaves Over 1,000 People Adrift at Sea for Three Days

Costa Cruises and its parent corporation, Carnival Cruise Lines, have made headlines again, just over six weeks after the COSTA CONCORDIA capsized off the coast of Italy, claiming the lives of at least 25 people. On Feb. 27, the COSTA ALLEGRA became stuck at sea in the Indian Ocean after fire broke out in its engine room and caused the ship to lose all power. Two Seychelles tug boats and a French fishing vessel towed the stranded ship to land, accompanied by a Seychelles Coast Guard vessel.

After being adrift for three days in waters known to have Somali pirates, the 1,000 plus passengers and crewmembers disembarked at the island of Mahe on Mar. 1. While on board the crippled cruise ship, they had to sleep outside due to hot temperatures indoors, and a helicopter brought them food and emergency supplies. There are no reported injuries.

When cruise ship passengers or crewmembers suffer harm while on board, they may be entitled to compensation for their emotional, financial and/or physical injuries, especially if the cruise line or its employees acted negligently. If any of the following caused your cruise ship injury or illness, you may have a claim against the cruise line: collision, rough weather, falling overboard, food poisoning, slip and fall, or assault.

Passengers and crewmembers who wish to pursue a claim against a cruise line need the support of an experienced maritime attorney. It is important to file your claim within the statute of limitations and in the proper venue, and a maritime attorney knows the national and international laws relevant to cruise line lawsuits.

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