COSTA CONCORDIA Performers File $200 Million Lawsuit

COSTA CONCORDIA Performers File $200 Million Lawsuit

Four Hungarian musicians and dancers who were onboard the COSTA CONCORDIA cruise ship when it capsized off the coast of Italy on Jan. 13 have filed a federal lawsuit in White Plains, N.Y., against Costa Cruises and its parent corporation Carnival Cruise Lines. The performers were part of a five-person group that included violinist Sandor Feher, who reportedly died while attempting to save others. A total of 32 people lost their lives in this maritime disaster, and thousands of others may have suffered physical and/or emotional trauma.

The four remaining group members — pianist Jozsef Balogh, musician Jeno Csyana, and dancers Adam Csepi and Erzsebet “Lizzy” Szilagyi — filed suit on May 3, alleging negligence. According to court papers, the ship’s crew was ill-prepared for conducting an evacuation. In fact, some passengers have said they were not informed of any danger until 45 minutes after the ship struck a reef. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are seeking $50 million each for physical and emotional injuries, lost wages, and punitive damages.

Passengers and crewmembers harmed by a cruise ship accident may be entitled to compensation from the cruise line, but they must act quickly. An experienced Boston maritime attorney can help COSTA CONCORDIA victims seek justice. In cruise accident cases, the cruise line will do everything in its power to dodge blame and avoid paying victims what they need and deserve. Cruise accident victims should work with a qualified Boston maritime attorney who will fight to make sure the cruise line does not get away with negligence.

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