COSTA CONCORDIA Wreckage to Be Removed in One Piece

COSTA CONCORDIA Wreckage to Be Removed in One Piece

Beginning sometime early this month, U.S.-owned Titan Salvage will start the process of removing the capsized COSTA CONCORDIA cruise ship from where it sits near the Italian island of Giglio. The salvage plan includes removing the ship in one piece and towing it to an Italian port. The entire removal process is expected to take a year.

Some islanders worry the COSTA CONCORDIA salvage project will disrupt island tourism and pose a risk to the island’s delicate marine environment. Giglio depends on tourism as a vital component of its economy, and the surrounding waters serve as fishing grounds and a sanctuary for dolphins. As quoted by the Associated Press, Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi has attempted to alleviate those concerns: “As was the case with the removal of the fuel, we have sought to identify the best solution to safeguard the island and its marine environment and to protect its tourism.”

As the salvage process begins, the victims of this tragedy, those who lived through the terrifying ordeal and those who lost a loved one to it, continue to cope with the aftermath. Because cruise accident victims must file personal injury and wrongful death claims within the applicable statute of limitations, COSTA CONCORDIA victims should promptly contact an experienced maritime attorney for legal advice. Maritime attorneys fight to hold cruise lines accountable for their negligence and the negligent actions of their employees.

Are you a victim of the COSTA CONCORDIA tragedy? Contact a Boston maritime attorney today to learn about your legal rights — before it’s too late to file a claim.

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