Do Cruise Ship Crews Know What to Do in Case of a Fire?

The last thing cruise ship passengers are often thinking about while onboard the vessel is that it’s going to catch on fire. However, it can happen, and when it does, passengers should be able to count on the crew to know what to do to keep them safe.

Cruise ShipEarlier this month, when a fire broke out on an Oceania cruise ship, reports were that chaos instead of calm dominated the vessel, a panic that may have been made worse by the way the crew tried to get all of the passengers off the ship.

According to CityNews, the fire started in the ship’s engine room and resulted in the evacuation of the vessel’s over 650 passengers as well as the deaths of a crewmember and two contractors. The evacuation of the ship was described as chaotic by one of the passengers, who told CityNews “no instructions were given to the passengers and no one was told what was going on.”

Who Can I Call If I Was Hurt in a Cruise Ship Fire?

Even for lawyers who do not practice it regularly, admiralty or maritime law is hard to understand. Therefore, it is unrealistic for cruise ship passengers with no experience practicing any type of law to be expected to know how to proceed after being the victim of an on-the-water accident or injury.

Thankfully, there are qualified and experienced maritime attorneys available to help guide cruise ship injury victims and their families through the process of holding those at fault for their pain and suffering accountable.

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