Cruise Ship Injury? Our Nationwide Maritime Attorneys Can Help

Our nationwide maritime attorneys can help victims of cruise ship accidents, injuries and assault. A recent string of cruise ship accidents have shown that passengers and crew on board these large vessels are at risk for serious injuries and death when there is negligence or recklessness. Most recently, a woman leaped overboard a cruise ship heading for Hawaii on November 13. The 54-year-old woman has not yet been identified and while the Coast Guard is still searching for her, she is presumed dead.

In October, two serious accidents occurred on board Carnival Cruise ships. A Carnival crewmember was killed while working on the outside of the Carnival Conquest in a New Orleans port. The crewmember was on a man lift and somehow became wedged between the lift and a platform holding a lifeboat. The U.S. Coast Guard is still investigating the incident. A six-year-old boy also on board a Carnival cruise ship died on October 14 when he drown in a midship pool. According to investigators, the boy was in a pool with family members when he drown and was pulled from the pool by other passengers. Someone attempted CPR, but the child was pronounced dead at the scene. According to a statement released by Carnival, this was the first incident of a child drowning on board one of their ships.

Another rampant problem in the cruise ship industry is cruise ship assault. Physical and sexual assaults occur frequently on cruise ships, by and against both passengers and workers. According to FBI statistics, crewmembers are responsible for over half the sexual assaults that occur on board cruise ships. There are limited laws to protect victims of assault once they are out at sea, so it is important to contact a maritime trial lawyer if you have been a victim of cruise ship assault. An experienced attorney can help you determine your rights and get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Do I Need a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?

If you or a loved one have been injured or assaulted on board a cruise ship, our nationwide maritime trial lawyers can help you. We understand how tragic it can be when a vacation goes horribly wrong, and you should not have to face this tough time alone. We can walk you through the laws that protect you and help you find fault against who is responsible for your suffering. Get in touch with our attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

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