How Were Two Cruise Ship Workers Injured in a Hawaii Accident

Two crewmembers aboard the Pride of America were injured recently in Hawaii when they were performing a check on the vessel’s rescue boats.

According to KHON-TV, the cruise ship accident took place on July 28, when the vessel, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, was docked in Hilo. Investigators say that the employees, who are in their 30s, were lowering a lifeboat from the ship when the lines holding it gave way.

The men reportedly fell into the boat, and then fell into the ocean, more than 45 feet below where they were working. The injuries the workers suffered were described as “serious” in nature. The incident remains under investigation and Norwegian is reportedly cooperating with authorities.

Our Maritime Attorneys Help Injured Cruise Ship Crewmembers

As this story shows, cruise ship employees can suffer injuries for a variety of reasons, including inadequate training, poor instruction and the failure of equipment used to operate a vessel. Latti & Anderson previously represented two merchant seaman who were injured on a ferry during a life boat drill when there was a malfunction and the crew members fell in the water and were seriously injured.  If you are an injured cruise ship crewmember, you may be able to seek compensation, including maintenance and cure benefits.

If you can exhibit that your employer was negligent or that a vessel suffered from unseaworthiness, you may be entitled to damages. Speak to our maritime attorneys. We offer a no-charge consultation that is simple and confidential, in which you can explain your situation to us without having to worry about payment.

If you would like to speak to our maritime attorneys about having your cruise ship accident investigated or if you have questions, you can contact us at the number located on this page or fill out the request form.

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