Italian Officials Release Names of Victims in COSTA CONCORDIA Tragedy

Last week, Italian officials released a list of the passengers and crew killed in the COSTA CONCORDIA tragedy. As of Thursday, the death toll had reached 16, including three bodies recovered from the wreckage that had yet to be identified. The list of confirmed dead included:

  • Four passengers from France
  • Three passengers from Germany
  • Three passengers from Italy
  • One passenger from Spain
  • Two crew members, one from Hungary and one from Peru

According to the report, at least 16 people remained unaccounted for (plus the three bodies awaiting identification). The list of unaccounted for passengers and crew included:

  • Nine passengers from Germany
  • Three passengers from Italy
  • Two passengers from the United States
  • Two passengers from France
  • Three crew members, one from Peru, one from India and one from Italy

In addition to those killed or missing, Cruise Critic reports at least 60 people sustained injuries during the accident.

Maritime law allows passengers injured in a cruise ship accident, as well as the families of those killed, to seek damages from the cruise line. Carnival Cruise Line, the parent corporation of Costa Cruises, seems to be doing all it can to distance itself from the tragedy, pointing the finger at Captain Francesco Schettino as the sole person responsible. Victims of the COSTA CONCORDIA disaster and their families should contact an experienced maritime attorney at Latti & Anderson LLP to ensure their legal rights are protected. Our firm represents cruise ship accident victims all over the world and can help you seek damages from Carnival and Costa. Call us today — before it’s too late to file a claim.

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