Latti Wins Jury Award of $791,000 in Cruise Ship Injury Case

On January 16, 2014, Latti & Anderson LLP was able to secure a jury award of $791,474.70 with 50 percent contributory negligence for a verdict of $395,732.39 for a client injured on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship.

According to the lawsuit, which was recently tried in Miami Federal Court, on the last night of our client’s cruise, she played a game called THE QUEST, which is a scavenger hunt-style game. The game is very fast paced and as players, who are divided up into teams, collect items, they turn them in to the host, who, in addition to overseeing the game, was giving out free drinks as prizes to the contestants who won certain rounds.

As our client was returning to her seat after turning in an item to the host, she slipped in a liquid on the dance floor. The fall resulted in our client tearing her labrum, which required surgery. During the surgery, she suffered a pneumothorax, which resulted in a collapsed lung and left her hospitalized for about three weeks. In addition, she was unable to work for about 21 weeks and has permanent residual pain in her shoulder when it rains as well as pain in her lung.

In our claim, Latti & Anderson contended that the host had spilled the liquid on the dance floor as he was handing out drinks, knew  he spilled it and he and his staff failed to clean it up. The Cruise Ship argued that there was no liquid on the dance floor and that our client fell because of her own fault. The jury, however, sided with us, leading to a judgment and verdict in favor of our client.

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Latti & Anderson’s Little Extra: According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2010, the direct medical costs for falls was $30 billion.

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