Lawmakers Concerned About Large Cruise Ship Dangers

In an interview with The New York Times, lawmakers expressed concern about the overwhelming size of cruise ships and the dangers they present for both passengers and crews. According to the articles, safety experts, regulators and lawmakers are worried about the oversight and enforcement that cruise ships do not have. A string of accidents that have occurred in recent years has some worried about the lack of large-scale emergency procedures at sea.

The Costa Concordia capsized off the coast of Italy last year, killing 32 people. This past February, the Carnival Triumph caught on fire and stranded thousands of people for four days without power. Another fire occurred on the Grandeur of the Seas at a port in the Bahamas in May. A senator in West Virginia introduced legislation this summer that would strengthen federal control and oversight of cruise line procedures and protections for passengers and crew.

Large cruise ships claim they are safer for passengers due to their great amount of fire safety equipment. However, some experts claim that larger ships have bigger challenges to overcome, such as fewer emergency options when even small problems occur.

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