Salvage Experts Outline Plan to Raise COSTA CONCORDIA

On May 18, salvage experts revealed their plan for how to raise the wrecked COSTA CONCORDIA in one piece. Thirty-two people died in the COSTA CONCORDIA disaster, including two Americans.

Since Jan. 13, when the 4,200-passenger cruise ship capsized after striking a reef, the COSTA CONCORDIA has continued to sit in environmentally sensitive waters near the Italian island of Giglio. Now, American-owned Titan Salvage and Italian marine contractor Micoperi plan to raise the ship in four stages:

  • After the ship is stabilized, crews will build an underwater platform and will attach watertight boxes, known as caissons, to the exposed side of the ship
  • Two cranes, fixed to the underwater platform and aided by the weight of the caissons, which will be filled with water, will then pull the ship upright
  • Crews will then attach caissons to the other side of the ship to stabilize it
  • All caissons will be emptied (after the water has been purified) and then filled with air

After the ship has been refloated, it will be towed to an Italian port. According to Costa Cruises, the salvage operation will cost about $300 million, and the goal is to begin towing by early next year.

The cruise line issued a statement saying, “The plan to re-float the hull in one piece gives top priority to minimising environmental impact, to protecting Giglio’s economy and tourism industry, and to maximum safety of the work.” Costa has indicated it will house workers and store equipment on the mainland in order to minimize the operation’s impact on Giglio.

Victims of this tragic and ultimately avoidable cruise ship accident deserve justice. Are you a survivor of the COSTA CONCORDIA sinking? Did your loved one die in this maritime disaster? Contact a Boston maritime attorney today to learn about your rights under maritime law.

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