Why Do Norovirus Outbreaks Occur on Cruise Ships?

Recently, it was reported that Celebrity Cruise’s Infinity returned to San Diego after 106 passengers aboard the vessel, including six crewmembers, came down with a norovirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is investigating the outbreak, said that it has collected stool samples from passengers to determine how the outbreak occurred. Those who were affected suffered from symptoms including vomiting and violent diarrhea.

Interestingly, Salon recently had a fascinating story about why norovirus outbreaks are occurring on cruise ships. Last year, a Royal Caribbean ship returned to shore when over 600 people fell ill with a norovirus.

The news outlet reported that in most cases, these outbreaks occur when viruses are spread through contact among infected passengers, when people encounter or are served contaminated water, or they are served food or drinks that are unhygienic.

“On cruise ships, where many people are gathered in close quarters and much of the food is served via buffet, it’s easy to see how bugs brought on board by infected passengers would get around,” Salon reported.

Working With an Attorney Following a Cruise Ship Incident

Cruise lines have a duty to make sure that ships are kept sanitary to dissuade norovirus outbreaks from occurring. Passengers who sustain cruise ship injuries, including becoming ill onboard a vessel, may be entitled to receive payment for medical and other bills after an outbreak.

Our attorneys have filed claims on behalf of passengers made ill on cruise ships heading to Florida, the Caribbean and elsewhere. In the video above, attorney David Anderson discusses cruise ship litigation and how obtaining legal representation may help you.

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Source: http://www.salon.com/2015/04/14/vomit_ships_dock_in_san_diego_why_cruise_ships_are_hotbeds_for_norovirus/