Body of Missing Boater Found After Florida Boating Accident

Body of Missing Boater Found After Florida Boating Accident

The body of a boater who went missing after a February 20 boating accident was recovered later that same day by local authorities, according to WESH NBC 2. The accident happened around 11 a.m. on Lake Jesup.

The two men involved in the wreck were brothers. Their boat crashed into one of the pilings of the State Road 417 Bridge over Lake Jesup. One of the brothers, in his 60s, disappeared into the water after the accident, while the other was able to stay above water by clinging to the boat. Two fishermen who heard the brothers’ screams for help were able to rescue the brother clinging to the crashed boat.

“When I saw him, he was sitting on the boat hollering for help and I went over there and I rescued him,” said one of the fishermen. “He was cut all the way into the bone.”

The fishermen took the injured boater to Lake Jesup Park to call for help. It was not until they had nearly reached the park that the man told them that his brother had been with him and may have drowned. The injured boater was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital for treatment.

After attempting a rescue operation in search of the missing boater, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office divers transitioned to a recovery operation around 2:30 p.m., which eventually led to them finding the man’s body. Law enforcement was still investigating the cause of the accident at the time of this report.

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