Family of Worker Killed in Barge Accident Files Lawsuit

Last month, we told you about a barge accident that claimed the life of a construction worker while he was working on Baylor University’s new football stadium.

Now, the family of the construction worker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baylor as well as the construction and equipment companies involved.

The January 28 accident happened when a hydraulic lift the 55-year-old victim and another worker were strapped to slipped from the barge it was on into the Brazos River. The worker that survived was able to untether himself after the lift went into the river, but the 55 year old was not. When divers found him four hours later, his body was still strapped to the lift.

“The family wants to know how and why this equipment ended up on the bottom of the Brazos River with their loved one attached to it, causing him to drown,” the attorney representing the family stated. “Lawyers for the school and construction companies allowed us only a very limited inspection and gave us one batch of photographs, neither of which answers this question.”

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