Can Moored Boats Injure People If They Break Free?

Can Moored Boats Injure People If They Break Free?

Two people have been killed at Avalon Harbor in Los Angeles County, California. A late night storm caused boats to break free from their moorings. The two fatalities included a harbor patrol officer who was killed when he was pinned between a boat and a rock, and another man who was found floating in the water. A third person had been reported, but has still not been found.

The harbor patrol officer, who had been attempting to stop one of the boats from drifting off,  tried to jump ashore from the boat when he saw that it was about to run aground. Weather conditions made a rescue attempt ineffective.

A resident who had lived nearly half a century in the area told reporters that he had never seen such a strong storm in the area before. Ten boats were destroyed in the storm as well.

What Should I Do After an Accident on the Water?

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