Could Technology Improvements Help Man-Overboard Retrievals?

Professional Mariner had an interesting story recently about how technology advancements may be helping rescue workers in man-overboard (MOB) situations when people are lost at sea.

The news outlet reported that it was not that long ago that people lost at sea had to rely on luck to be rescued; however, now people who fall overboard have a better chance at being found due to improvements in technology. Some of these advancements include personal locator beacons, EPIRBs, thermal imaging cameras and automatic identification systems (AIS).

AIS technology in particular is being used on many vessels, as some maritime workers are able to use devices like the sMRT SOS Dan Buoy, an inflatable buoy with a locator beacon, which can be thrown to MOB victims, allowing workers to better locate them. Many AIS devices with GPS technology are now being mounted on vessels as a way to help locate victims in the event of an overboard situation.

In addition to AIS technology, some vessels also have thermal imaging cameras mounted on them, which have value during MOB situations, as they can identify victims in murky waters. Additionally, some vessel operators are using technology attached to flotation vests, which can activate in the event of an MOB situation, as lights and sirens illuminate when radio signals are transmitted, indicating an emergency.

An Attorney Can Help You Following a Man Overboard Incident

It is fantastic that vessel operators are utilizing this technology to assist MOB incidents. Sadly, however, each year, many maritime workers are killed in drowning events. These incidents can be incredibly disturbing for family members, as there are often stressful searches that follow. While technology advancements are helping save lives, it does not take the pain and stress away from family members who have been affected by MOB incidents.

In the video above, attorney Carolyn Latti discusses how you can contact our maritime trial lawyers following an incident. If your loved one is killed in an MOB situation or drowning accident, you may have certain legal rights. Speaking to our attorneys could prove to be incredibly helpful during this difficult time, as we can help you pursue damages relating to your loved one’s loss.

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