Our Firm Secures a $775,000 Settlement for Scallop Boat Crewman

After a crewmember was injured on the F/V NASHIRA, a scallop boat, our nationwide maritime trial lawyers were able to secure a $775,000 settlement for him. The crewman was hurt during the evening while working on the deck of the ship.

The incident that caused the man’s injuries began with a pile of scallops being dumped on the deck, followed by the captain lowering the dredge down on top of the pile. When the captain lowered the dredge, it left the cutting bar and bail approximately the height of the rail and the gooseneck and bullring lying on deck near the strongback at the center of the ship with the chainbag outboard of the rail.

After the dredge was lowered, the crewman climbed onto it to attach the tail chain to its frame. Once that was done and the cargo hook detached from the dumping chain, he took the hook with his left hand and walked down the dredge frame toward the bullring. While walking down the frame, the crewman was using the hook in his left hand for support and balance when it went slack, which caused him to fall face first toward the center of the F/V NASHIRA.

As a result of the fall, the crewman injured his shoulder, including tearing his rotator cuff and other ligaments and tendons.

Can I Hire a Maritime Trial Lawyer If I Do Not Have Any Money?

As our nationwide maritime attorney explains in the video above, the majority of injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. When a law firm takes a lawsuit on a contingency fee basis, during the case, the firm pays for the costs associated with the suit and only is paid if it secures a favorable settlement or verdict for its client. This allows maritime accident victims access to a highly experienced attorney no matter their financial situation.

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