Our Attorneys Recover $800,000 for Injured Fisherman

After a stern ramp door crushed a fisherman’s leg, our firm was able to secure an $800,000 settlement for him. The accident happened while the door was being lowered to set out the fishing net.

Due to the severity of his injuries, the 53-year-old was not able to return to work. His injuries were diagnosed as acute comminuted fractures involving the distal left tibia and distal left fibula.

The 53 year old underwent several procedures to treat his injuries, including:

  • Multiple surgeries for closed reduction of the pilon/distal tibia/distal fibula fracture utilizing an external fixator
  • A repair of the left tibial plafond fracture
  • Removal of the external fixator
  • An open reduction internal fixation of the left tibial plafond fracture and open reduction internal fixation of the fibula
  • Debridement surgery
  • Rectus abdominis flap transfer with skin graft from the left thigh

Can I Get Help Paying My Bills If I Am Hurt While Working On the Water?

As maritime trial lawyer David Anderson explains in the video below, if maritime workers are hurt on the job, under the law of maintenance and cure, their employer has to cover certain expenses, such as:

  • Medical care from the time of the injury until the time that the worker reaches Maximum Medical Cure;
  • Reimbursement of expenses, including prescriptions, travel to and from doctor visits, medical equipment and parking for medical visits;
  • Living allowance to cover daily expenses, including rent, groceries, utilities and gas.

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